One foot in research, the other in the field.

A Long-Term Investment.

The advisory model is less attractive to entrepreneurs who are starting their life’s project. You need a strategic partner who looks ahead as far as you can see. Highlow invests in young, innovative, durable businesses at their startup phase.

Why? It’s the only way we can align our long-term interests to those of the companies, remain aware of innovation, and continuously feel the pulse of the market. According to the wise words of Nicholas Taleb: “If you do not take risks for your opinion, you are nothing.

Investment Portfolio

Ecologyst creates durable outdoor garments and accessories.

Elevent develops solutions that help marketing professionals to manage and evaluate their sponsorship programs.

FrontFundr allows Canadians to invest in privately held startups and growing businesses.

Hardbacon offers tools to plan, budget, invest, and find the financial products that give you the best value.

Indoor Growing Canada is a premier provider of indoor growing supplies for commercial facilities and individuals and across Canada and the United States.

Le Buck’s mission is to reinvent the art of eating, drinking and entertaining well in the Mauricie region.

Pack It Up offers a range of expert-curated gifts for cooking, playing outside, learning and having fun.